• "Churchill has been a godsend in my and my children’s lives."
    Client "B.G"
  • "Churchill has performed nothing short of a miracle for me. (They) stepped in, funded my divorce and created an even playing field."
    Client "J.S"
  • "I really feel as if Churchill saved me. It’s a huge load off my mind."
    Client "B.T"
  • "A powerful resource for clients and their attorneys."
    Alton Abramowitz Esq.
  • "Churchill’s services are a game-changer for the non-monied spouse."
    Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich Esq.
  • "The non-moneyed spouse is no longer at the whim and caprice of the monied spouse."
    Michael Stutman Esq.
  • "The advantages to our clients are immeasurable."
    Kevin M. McDonough Esq.
  • "An innovative and welcome resource for clients."
    Patricia Fersch Esq.
  • "Tackling complex cases and finding hidden assets just got a whole lot easier."
    Joseph Ammirati CPA
For Borrowers
  • Secure your rightful entitlement
  • Remove the worry
  • No repayments until
    case settlement
For Attorneys
  • Improve your firm's cash flow
  • Your fees paid monthly
  • Fast and simple
    application process

Divorce Financing from BBL Churchill

BBL Churchill is America’s leading name in divorce funding services. We specialize in leveling the legal playing field by assisting people to secure their rightful entitlement in family law proceedings.

Churchill offers tailor-made funding solutions to people involved in divorce litigation. Our team has a long and successful track record of helping people secure the right result.

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